On-site workshops are one of the most resource-efficient ways of improving your organization’s capabilities.

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Becoming the Trusted Advisor

Being perceived as a trusted advisor is critical to every attorney’s success. This hands on workshop explores how attorneys can easily create environments of trust and develop and retain great relationships with their clients.

Effective (and Ethical) Client Communications.

Good communication is a necessary element for success in the today’s world. Using a combination of presentation and exercises, this workshop explores best practices in effective client communication and how they can be utilized.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Attorneys

This workshop delves into seven key elements that help attorneys become true “go to” attorneys, and make for a more successful practice. From putting first things first to communication to sharpening the (proverbial) saw, this workshop demonstrates ways attorneys can be more effective and successful.

The Essential Lawyer

Being viewed as essential by your clients is, well, essential. This workshop includes a variety of tips and tools for time management and client communication, along with key strategies for being viewed as the Essential Lawyer.

Working Smarter Instead of Harder

Lawyers have a lot on their plates. Learn some key productivity tips that help you work smarter instead of harder.

Ignite Your Personal Brand

If your personal brand is clear and strong, it is a powerhouse that increases your success – and the success of your department or firm – tremendously. BUT if your personal brand is not clear and strong, you can do everything else right and still fail. This workshop shares insights and powerful strategies for attaining greater professional and personal success by identifying and developing your authentic personal brand.

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