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A strict “no buzz-word” policy.

For 15 years, Optimus Consulting has helped law firms and legal departments achieve their goals. We have a unique and novel approach. We don’t analyze from the top-down, as most consulting firms do– starting with theory, then upper management, and so on. This approach too often leaves organizations with 200-page deliverables, 30 buzzwords and a dozen frameworks. And yet, after all that money and time, a year later, the organization remains plagued by the same problems, the same inefficiencies, and the same missed opportunities.

Sound familiar?

Our daily interactions with lawyers in all contexts give us unparalleled insight into what works, tactically, on the ground. Our first step in most consulting projects is interviewing every member of your department or law firm, along with identified stakeholders. Only then, after deeply understanding the nuances of your organizational context, do we make a plan to accomplish strategic goals with the resources you already have.

By reducing abstract problems down to their human components, we are able to drive change in a way that is pragmatic and actionable. Our solutions for your organization don’t just look good on paper or in an elaborate presentation– they look good when you see them at work every day, increasing employee satisfaction, process efficiency, and your bottom line.

For Law Firms:

Strategic Planning

We help you define and perfect your firm’s brand and how to best market it, along with deep-diving into the processes, technology, and decision-making hierarchies that enable you to produce results. Every strategic plan is different– some are more focused on business development, while others on internal problem-solving. Regardless of your context, we can identify the most important areas to improve and a practical action plan to achieve those goals.

Staffing Audit

Leave the chainsaws at home– we rarely suggest layoffs. Rather, we help you understand how your human resources are being used. We take stock of each individual’s disposition, abilities, and future goals, to ensure that your employees are aligned with the work that best suits them. Not only does this increase your firm’s efficiency and motivation, but it can help solve retention problems before they present themselves (before you have them), saving you hundreds of thousands in turnover costs.

Compensation Planning

Company culture and employee behavior is profoundly influenced by the incentives at play. We help align your compensation with the goals of your law firm, while ensuring that employees feel they are treated fairly. We look for novel ways to “increase the pie” with compensation strategy so that partners, employees, the firm can increase their bottom lines. If you’re looking for small change that can have exponential impact on your firm’s business, start here.

For Legal Departments:

Strategic Planning

Every legal department is unique, and will have varying objectives, goals, and roles within the larger structure of their organization. We help you filter your organizational noise and define how your department fits into the big picture. We define your department’s unique brand that allows you to market internally to drive effective action and recognition. We look at internal processes, technology, and decision-making hierarchies to help you accomplish goals more regularly and more effectively. Our ground-up approach allows us to spot problems and opportunities that often have gone unchallenged or unnoticed for years.

Staffing Audit

A department is only as effective as the people within it, and those people are often only as effective as their roles enable them to be. We identify net-gain opportunities and win-win situations by deeply analyzing and understanding both individual and departmental needs. We ensure each employee is positioned to succeed and add value to the company, while maximizing job satisfaction to increase effectiveness and solve retention problems before you are aware they exist, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands in turnover costs.

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