To find the right person, you need to know people – and understand them.

Talent is more than certification. Culture is more than mission statements. Leadership is more than you can show on one page.

These traits are easy to identify in hindsight- 6 months into a new job, it is obvious whether a person is right for the role or not. But that’s not when that information is valuable.

As I’m sure you’ve seen time and time again, traditional indicators of performance are notoriously unreliable.

We need a better way to recruit and retain high performing individuals. To locate someone who is not only right for the job, but also well positioned to strengthen organizational culture and competitive advantage. Someone who is excited; who won’t get cold feet.

Too often, hiring ends with regret on one side or the other. And in today’s business climate, regret is a luxury that we can’t afford.

Optimus Legal has been placing lawyers for 15 years, with a satisfaction (6 months or more on-the-job) rate of 98%+. Our experience coaching individuals has deeply informed our recruiting style. We’ve identified what drives and motivates different types of individuals and we excel at placing people in environments where they will thrive. Additionally, our strong background in consulting enables us understand the complexities and nuances of your organization to ensure that the new hire is entirely aligned with your strategy and goals.

We’ve developed one of the largest networks of top talent in Texas. By allowing us to filter out the noise and pinpoint an ideal candidate, departments regularly save between $100,000 and $500,000 in recruiting and turnover costs.

Sometimes, the highest performer isn’t actively searching at all. Sometimes, an unconventional pairing produces exponential results. Sometimes, the perfect fit isn’t perfectly obvious.

We find the “sometimes”, every time.

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